Joining technology and Human connection for study success

At MBL Health we understand the importance of bridging the gap between patients and pharma. It can be difficult to recruit for clinical trials and even harder to recruit for clinical trials in rare disease. But it’s important to remember that health is human – patients aren’t just numbers.

We believe that the more you understand the people you are looking to recruit for your clinical trial, the better success you will have in bridging the gap between patient communities and medical research. MBL can help deliver quality patient recruitment and referrals through insights driven by data.

The journey of our success over the years

8-Year Anniversary: 25+ Trials in 10+ Countries

May 2024

JAVIS Launch: Clinical Trial Management System

June 2022

Launch of MBL Health in UAE

July 2021

5-Year Anniversary: 15K+ Rare Disease Patients, 50 Countries

May 2021

First clinical trial project launched

May 2016

Meet the team



Chief Technology Officer

Bhagwati is an accomplished Solution Architect spearheading DevOps, Front-End, and Back-End realms, orchestrating seamless technology convergence and innovation.



Head of Content

Kate has a passion for words. She leads on the content creation and strategy.



Business Consultant

Yash makes sure everything we do is backed up by the right facts and figures, and that it meets high quality standards.​



Operations Co-Ordinator

In the realm of operational management, Maria assumes a crucial role, nurturing both growth and efficiency.

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